The Chawly Changer Coin Dispenser

Hand holding Chawly Changer

The Chawly Changer Coin Dispensers for your hand, pocket, purse, or car.
NOTE:  COINDISPENSER.COM is the official site of Chawly Products Company, and Chawly Products Company is the ultimate source of the Chawly Changer.

Color assortment of Chawly Changer coin dispensers


Hot Stamped Buttons

  Letters are hot-stamped
  on buttons.

   Copper for Pennies,
   Silver for Quarters, Nickels & Dimes.

Numbered Lable

  Each Chawly Changer is individually
  numbered on the back.

Coin Capacity

Normally loaded:  $1.34 (3 quarters, 4 dimes, 3 nickels, and 4 pennies)
Maximum load:  $1.70 (with dimes in penny cell)

Note:  Dimes, pennies, and nickels can each be carried in the next larger cell, for when you have more of one coin, but less of another.  This means that the dispenser can hold
8 dimes, or 8 pennies, or 6 nickels
while still carrying various other coins.  A second Chawly Changer will double your coin capacity.

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Pay only $5.95*
for each regular dispenser.
Pay only $6.45*
for each dispenser with keychain.
Add only $4.05*
for postage & handling, for any size order.

*All prices U. S. currency.  This product only holds USA coins, and can only be shipped to destinations within the USA.

A refund is guaranteed upon the product's return, if not satisfied.

Due to an overwhelming surge in orders, wholesale and discount purchasing is no longer available.
Maximum order is 20 changers per customer, per month.

Chawly Products Company is Charlie Wolters, the inventor of the Chawly Changer, and his machinery.
Any questions can be emailed to him at:

Phone: (314) 962-7678

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