This Vehicle's History





Francis Chevrolet (dealership)

1976 to 12-Apr-78

New to 394


G. Kantis

12-Apr-78 to 9-Mar-88

394 to 55,553

Daily driver

Automobile Wholesalers (dealership)

9-Mar-88 to 28-Apr-89

55,553 to 55,899


E. Kopplin

28-Apr-89 to 10-Nov-00

55,899 to 62,421

Daily driver (garaged)

K. Kopplin (inherited)

10-Nov-00 to 19-May-05

62,421 to 62,435

Garaged storage

C. Wolters

19-May-05 to 28-Dec-07

62,435 to 63,540

Restoration (garaged)

W. Stiles

28-Dec-07 to ?-Jan-13

63,540 to ?


D. Morre?

?-Jan-13 to Present





E. Kopplin displayed the car at
some local car shows and it
won some trophies.

K. Kopplin had the
car displayed at the
Saint Louis Car Museum
during part of his ownership.


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