Jon Tedesco's Scrapbook

Jon sent some pictures of what he was up to after the Custom Cloud.

Jon Tedesco introducing the Pierre Cardin Cadillac
Jon Tedesco introducing the Pierre Cardin Cadillac.
After creating the Custom Cloud for Chevrolet,
Cadillac asked Jon to design a modified Cadillac.
The first models (in the late 1970s) had only small trim changes.


The 1980 and 1981 Pierre Cardin Cadillacs
1980 Pierre Cardin Cadillac (top car)
1981 Pierre Cardin Cadillacs (bottom cars)
This picture was not supplied by Jon.



Jon Tedesco and George Barris
Jon Tedesco posing with legendary car customizer George Barris.


Jon Tedesco's hot rod
This is the hot rod Jon built for himself.  Unfortunately,
it burned up in the moving truck fire in 1979.
Jon Tedesco's personal street rod


Art Linkletter with Jon Tedesco.
Jon said, "The book I am holding is actually some of the first educational
and entertainment software we developed for Atari, Timex, and Commodore
computers, thus the name 'INFOTAINMENT'"


Art Linkletter and Jon Tedesco
A newspaper article about Art Linkletter (shown here with Jon).



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Pierre Cardin Cadillac


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